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From the point of view of services interaction, Colaboratorio is a platform that consists of a communities manager (CM) service that acts like a service director and several support services.

The CM requires to be a central point provided by RedCLARA as a cloud service. However, the satellite services, although can be provided by RedCLARA on the cloud, can be also deployed as local services by the Regional or National Research and Education Network.

For quickstart deployment, the first step in deploying Colaboratorio is to create a container to access the CM and the set of services on the cloud. This quickstart container will host just a set of html, css, js and related files. All the services will be used as a service (SAAS) from the academic network (RedCLARA’s infraestructure).

The deployment of other services will consist in install the agreed services in the National or Regional Research and Education Netwok infraestructure in a set of coordinated steps. The Network can choose what services will be provided by the Regional Network and which ones will be used from RedCLARA’s on the cloud, as shown in the following figure.


Colaboratorio for NRENs


Ways as a Regional or National Research and Education Network can use Colaboratorio.
RREN-1 is using 5 services, 2 of them, are provided by RedCLARA and three of them by the RREN itself. RREN-2 is providing all the satellite services itself. RREN-3 is using all the services on the cloud, provided by RedCLARA. In any case, they all use the CM from RedCLARA.

For more information, please download the Colaboratorio Deployment Document.

RedCLARA as member of the global academic and research networking community, has been working for several years in deploying and implementing services for its communities. The Colaboratorio service is one of the most remarkable advances regarding this work.

The service development started within the scope of the ELCIRA project (co-funded by the European Commission through its Framework Programme 7, e-Infrastructure line) as the main task of its work package 5, devoted to develop a tools and services to enhance collaboration between Europe and Latin America in research activities.

Colaboratorio can be described as an application market focused on the communities, and its implementation can help to bring together communities in different regions. Nowadays, the Colaboratorio offers services like a communities management framework based on Jomsocial, a Webconference system based on MCONF, a Wiki service, the Filesender (developed/funded/supported by the NRENs AARNet, BELNET, HEAnet, SURFnet, and UNINETT), a Videoconference scheduling service called SIVIC, and tools for news, funds notifications, and events management. This effort brings all the created content, and collaboration efforts in a common space provided by the NRENs for the NRENs.

This platform was developed -and it is continously updated- specifically to support the work of research and education communities with a variety of tools that allow academics to share and promote knowledge, organise joint activities and communicate in real time, a secure and private environment, optimising time and effort.

Thanks to the ELCIRA and MAGIC projects, Colaboratorio has evolved into a cloud service that can be incorporated in the websites of the national networks. MAGIC is taking this collaboration platform to other world regions in order to foster and empower global collaboration.

If you wish to install DNSSec it in your own NREN - country, pleasse contact RedCLARA's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. team.

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