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“How to deploy a unified communications network” and MAGIC offers free online trainings on these services “How to deploy a unified communications network” and MAGIC offers free online trainings on these services Friday, 02 June 2017 Both courses are part of the work carried out in the MAGIC project during the last...
Global Science Communities: an example of MAGIC success Global Science Communities: an example of MAGIC success Wednesday, 31 May 2017 The MAGIC project just completed two years working to achieve its main objective...

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NRENum is a DNS infrastructure that provides ENUM* protocol for academies. Managed by GÉANT it was designed to enable users to have an easy dialing mechanism to interconnect VoIP/Videoconferencing solutions and more.

And it is "public to query”, this is important because you can use service and test it before becoming a member.

MAGIC is fostering the adoption of the standard, for universal dialing using the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure.

*ENUM: It’s a technology standard used to translate telephone numbers into URL addresses (a domain name). As a result of work of the Internet Engineering Task Force's (IETF's) Telephone Number Mapping working group. ENUM is used to build dialling infrastructure for VoIP, and Videoconference networks at global scale.

  • Agreements for a Federated Group Management Standard and Application Programming Interfaces (API) for it.
  • Definition of a set of applications that will adopt the Federated Group Management Standard.
  • Recommendations for Service Definitions from a marketing point of view.
  • Pilot portals for Latin America and other regions as appropriate, incorporating the Federated Group Management Standard.
  • Definition of a standard for interoperability of cloud provisioning.
  • Pilot of Federated service provisioning between the regions.
  • Deployment of a pilot Federated Cloud Service (FCS) model, for a set of NRENs in LA, Europe, Africa, etc.
  • Evaluation of the FCS by the user NRENs.
  • Refinement of the FCS using the feedback obtained from NRENs.


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