Amman Workshop, 2015Organized by ASREN (the Arab States Research and Education Network) in cooperation with German Jordanian University, MAGIC Project and EUMEDCONENCT3 Project, the workshop was held between September 8 and 10 in the city of Amman.

“We had a successful workshop in Amman last week on both eduroam and edugain. Thanks to Michal Prochazka and Jan Oppolzer from CESNET. We had 13 participants representing Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. Participants should start immediately working on eduroam then idp. Michal, Jan and myself will follow up with hem”, said Yousef Torman, Managing Director of ASREN.

The eduroam and Identity Federation workshop was conducted by the CESNET specialists Michal Prochazka and Jan Oppolzer, at the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University (TAGI-UNI). 

Torman introduced the MAGIC project to the participants of the two regional meetings that were carried in parallel -regional meeting on AfricaConnect2 (cluster 3) and EUMEDCONNECT3 Projects- with participation form Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon and Egypt. ASREN’s Executive informed that during these meetings it was agreed that Algeria will take care of the and Morocco will lead the community portal.



Organized by ASREN (the Arab States Research and Education Network) in cooperation with German Jordanian University, MAGIC Project and EUMEDCONENCT3 Project, the workshop was held between September 8 and 10 in the city of Amman.

We had a successful workshop in Amman last week on both eduroam and edugain. Thanks to Michal Prochazka and Jan Oppolzer from CESNET. We had 13 participants representing Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. Participants should start immediately working on eduroam then idp. Michal, Jan and myself will follow up with hem”, said Yousef Torman, Managing Director of ASREN.

The eduroam and Identity Federationworkshop was conducted by the CESNET specialists Michal Prochazka and Jan Oppolzer, at the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University (TAGI-UNI). 

Torman introduced the MAGIC project to the participants of the two regional meetings that were carried in parallel -regional meeting on AfricaConnect2 (cluster 3) and EUMEDCONNECT3 Projects- with participation form Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon and Egypt. ASREN’s Executive informed that during these meetings it wasagreed that Algeria will take care of the and Morocco will lead the community portal.