NRENum WP4 on-line trainingWithin the framework of the tasks developed by its Work Package 4 -which is in charge of the establishment for agreements for real time collaboration- the MAGIC Project has launch an on-line course on and DNS Configuration. With its contents fully developed both in English and Spanish, the course is opened to all those who are interested in NRENum, and mainly targeted to those NRENs that want to offer their member institutions the possibility of registering their equipments of videoconference and of voice over Ip in this global directory.

The Service is an end-user ENUM service which is a technology standard used to translate telephone numbers into URL addresses (a domain name). ENUM is used to build dialling infrastructure for VoIP, and Videoconference networks at global scale.

Run by the GÉANT Association (formerly TERENA) and participating NRENs (National Research and Education Networking organisations) the service is aimed primarily at academia and hence such is this course, that is primarily focused in the National Research and Education Networks staff who daily works with the ICT experts of the universities and research centres of their countries.

The course is available on-line both in English and Spanish and it is divided in 3 chapters:
1. Introduction / contextualization,
2. Installation - DNS / ENUMServer Configuration
3. Configuring H.323 / SIP Gateways / Testing service.

There are a couple of questionaires in the moodle platform of the course that will help the “students” to test their advancements and knowledge attainment. Those who cannot get the tests on-line, please ask for an invitee account at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Though there is nothing like a certificate at the end of the course, those who take it will be able to obtain the delegation of the ENUM zone for the establishment of the service.

Access to the course:
In English:
In Spanish:
n French: