UbuntuNet Connect 2015Along with a stand to disseminate the project’s information, MAGIC will give a presentation in the Conference led by UbuntuNet Alliance and will participate in the Sci-GaIA Workshop on Open Science. The project’s Work Package 5 (Global Science Communities) will have a meeting during November 17th.

Aming to meet the Eastern and Southern Africa NRENs and their research communities, and to show them the benefits of actively participating in the project or getting its benefits, a delegation of the MAGIC project will participate in the UbuntuNet Connect Conference 2015.

Thanks to the collaboration of the UbuntuNet Alliance, the MAGIC project will be able to expose its benefits by means of a dissemination material that will deliver within a stand were all the Conference attendees will get all the information that they inquiry about the project in the first hand. MAGIC will also give a presentation in the framework of the Conference in order to better reach the audience and spread the benefits of collaborating.

And before the Conference -that will be held during November 19 and 20 at the VIP Grand in Maputo Hotel, in Maputo, Mozambique- the group that is working in global science communities (Work Package 5) will have its own meeting in order to define how to better tackle and reach the scientific communities needs.

It is also very important to mention the invitation that the Sci-GaIA project did to MAGIC in order to participate and give a presentation within the workshop that they will carry out in the same venue of the UbuntuNet Connect Conference, during Wednesday 18th.

During November 15 and 16, UbuntuNet Alliance will have an Advanced Routing Training, and during the 17th, it will be carried out both the AfricaConnect2 coordinators and visibility meetings.

For more information please visit: http://www.ubuntunet.net/uc2015