• 30 September 2015: RAICES, El Salvador, is part of NRENum.net

    RAICES - NRENumSeeking for the establishment of agreements for real time collaboration, MAGIC’s Work Package 4 achieved a new milestone with the incorporation of the Salvadorian NREN, RAICES to NRENum.net. The country code +503 is now officially delegated to RAICES.

  • Chile and Sri Lanka are now part of NRENum.net

    LEARN and REUNA, Sri Lanka and Chile are part of NRENum.netEnding 2015, in December 14, LEARN got its country code, and the same happened to REUNA in January 7 (2016), signing the integration of Sri Lanka and Chile, respectively, to NRENum.net.

  • In the framework of MAGIC’s WP4: Ecuadorian NREN is part of NRENum.NET

    RedCEDIA is part of NRENum.netIn July 24, 2015, the ENUM Service for Academia website - NRENum.net - recieved a new member with the following post in its home: “Welcome Ecuador (+593) to NRENum.net! RedCEDIA, the national research and ecucation network of Ecuador, looks after the 37th country code that has been delegated to NRENum.net.” This achievement of CEDIA is also an achievement of the Work Package 4 of the MAGIC Project, that seeks the establishment og agreements for real time collaboration.