A Global Science Community (GSC) is a group of experts (researchers and/or academics) from different parts of the world with a common interest, working together on activities, sharing best practice, knowledge and experiences.

The overall goal for developing these GSCs is to establish and support virtual common interest communities that enable practitioners, researchers, academicians and students interact with their peers and advisors and share experiences from across the globe. The communities collaborate and interact through the virtual collaborative platform, Colaboratorio.

Four thematic communities were selected for development in the Work Package 5 (WP5) of the MAGIC project. The communities are, Biodiversity, eHealth, Environment and Remote Instrumentation.

So far, since February 2016 when each thematic GSC held its virtual opening conference, a number of activities have been held, including webinars dedicated to specific topics of interest identified by members, such as how to communicate scientific data and findings. All the material (speakers slides and videos) of the respective virtual activities are available for consultation.