eduroam trans 200pixIt’s not often you celebrate a billionth “birthday” so to be able to celebrate two at the same time must be pretty rare. On 17 May 2016, eduroam clocked up two amazing milestones – registering both one billion roaming authentications (either in-country or international) since the beginning of the year and the one billionth international authentication (when users are connecting from outside their home country) since the service was launched.

TNC16 - Prague“MAGIC + Sci-GaIA + TANDEM: Towards Sustainable e-Infrastructures Around the World” is the name of the session that during june 14 will carried out the three complementary EC-funded projects during TNC16 Conference in Prague.

Communication wordcloudHow to communicate science projects properly? To support the interested in getting the best out of their communication activities, the European Commission is organising an event on Science Communication just before the official start of Euro-Science Open Forum (ESOF) in Manchester, UK.

istWhat is a Global Science Community (GSC) and how to become part of it? These and many other important questions about MAGIC’s GSC will be answered next May, in Africa, during the IST-Africa2016 Conference.

h2020The European Commission is organizing an information day on 15 April 2016, on the support to the European Open Science Cloud through upcoming calls under the European Research Infrastructures (including  e-Infrastructures) part of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017.