From the point of view of services interaction, Colaboratorio is a platform that consists of a communities manager (CM) service that acts like a service director and several support services.

The CM requires to be a central point provided by RedCLARA as a cloud service. However, the satellite services, although can be provided by RedCLARA on the cloud, can be also deployed as local services by the Regional or National Research and Education Network.

For quickstart deployment, the first step in deploying Colaboratorio is to create a container to access the CM and the set of services on the cloud. This quickstart container will host just a set of html, css, js and related files. All the services will be used as a service (SAAS) from the academic network (RedCLARA’s infraestructure).

The deployment of other services will consist in install the agreed services in the National or Regional Research and Education Netwok infraestructure in a set of coordinated steps. The Network can choose what services will be provided by the Regional Network and which ones will be used from RedCLARA’s on the cloud, as shown in the following figure.


Colaboratorio for NRENs


Ways as a Regional or National Research and Education Network can use Colaboratorio.
RREN-1 is using 5 services, 2 of them, are provided by RedCLARA and three of them by the RREN itself. RREN-2 is providing all the satellite services itself. RREN-3 is using all the services on the cloud, provided by RedCLARA. In any case, they all use the CM from RedCLARA.

For more information, please download the Colaboratorio Deployment Document.