Fact: Several NRENs in the world are working on cloud strategies that provide a secure market of services for their end users. Most NRENs are focused on needs that commercial providers cannot fulfill, including privacy, secure user’s information exchange, academic specific services and direct NREN support.

Looking after a solution: MAGIC aims to generate a set of inter-operation agreements for a federated system of group management that will serve as a basis for collaboration application-sharing among the NRENs of the world. MAGIC is struggling in to have group/community-aware applications that adapt to customers’ needs. Research and education communities will be able to schedule, authorise, share, or carry out actions for specific groups or communities, even if they are located on different continents or their communities are in several platforms.

In this task, the focus will be on coordinating a global set of core requirements which cloud service providers are expected to meet, covering the following fields: intellectual property rights and ownership, legal aspects, security, continuity, confidentiality, communication, billing and technical requirements.

This work will enhance and facilitate integration between NRENs while maintaining a high standard of service and security.