Responsible partner: RENATER

Sympa is not only the more complete opensource mailing-list manager. Sympa wears in its genes group management since 18 years, with a userfriendly web interface. In Sympa, the groups can be provisionned by multiple protocols : VOOT, LDAP, SQL, flat files, SMTP, SOAP and other Sympas. In Sympa the groups membership can be requested by various protocols : VOOT, SAML2, SQL. Sympa proposes 4 different roles. Sympa accepts various authentication method : Federation (SAML2), LDAP, X509. Sympa is scalable for big VOs (with more than 1.000.000 members).

At RENATER (the service is called Universalistes) Sympa has been linked with their tools so that each VO hosted at RENATER can benefit, in one click, from mailing list, Wiki (with public and private pages), Foodl, LimeSurvey, Filesender, among others. They have copled Sympa with an Attribute Authority in order to permit Sympa group authorizations on any external Services Providers using SAML protocol. The RENATER's Sympa infrastructure is used by more than 1600 VOs with up to 300000 members, but there are biggest deployments in the world.

License: Free Software distributed under GNU General Public License, version 2
Current deployments: All over the world, here are some of the well known organizations that use Sympa
Modes of deployment: As a Service in Universalistes or as a Software
Sustainability model: maintained by RENATER and the OpenSource community