MAGIC - RNP2015 ForumThe brazilians had the opportunity to meet more closely the characteristics, scope and magnitude of the MAGIC project, which aims to foster the collaboration between academics and researchers from different continents. The initiative led by RedCLARA was presented in a stand at the “RNP2015 Forum”, the annual conference of the brazilian National Research and Education Network (RNP), held between August 25 and 27, in Brasilia. MAGIC attracted the attention of dozens of people who were in the conference.

One of them was the technical coordinator of the PoP of RNP in the state of Ceará, Marcos Frota. "I was very curious when I saw the MAGIC banner. First I thought it was just another network or platform, but I realized that it was something much bigger. I see that many services which currently work on other networks will be taken on a global scale, which will greatly strength collaboration in the world", he said.

In the opinion of Leandro Guimarães, RNP services manager and leader of MAGIC’s Work Package 2, the promotion of the initiative in the brazilian conference had a fundamental role in the advance of it: "We need to strengthen our role as leaders of the WP2 as well as the importance of the project not only externally, but internally. In this sense, the conversations we had at the stand allowed the partner institutions to know and further valorize the project."

According to Guimarães, the next steps of the network, as leaders of WP2 is to be present at the Magic trainings in Oman and Jamaica. "We are pleased with the development of the project, because all the involved networks are already working to advance it. This is what really means being global”, he stated.

Directed to professionals and ICT providers, pro-rectors and university principals, coordinators of research projects and public managers, the RNP Forum 2015 had the theme “Mobility” and received an audience of 879 participants, among present and virtual. The next stop of the MAGIC Project is ICT2015, a massive conference promoted by the European Commission, in Lisbon, Portugal.