RAICES - NRENumSeeking for the establishment of agreements for real time collaboration, MAGIC’s Work Package 4 achieved a new milestone with the incorporation of the Salvadorian NREN, RAICES to NRENum.net. The country code +503 is now officially delegated to RAICES.

Only two months after NRENum.net anounced the incorporation of Ecuador, during the last day of September 2015 the good news was for Central America: “Welcome El Salvador (+503) to NRENum.net! RAICES, the national research and ecucation network of El Salvador, looks after the 38th country code that has been delegated to NRENum.net. The delegation of the Latin American countries is suported by the EC funded project MAGIC”, stated NRENum.net in its website home page.

Check out the full list of NRENum.net members at: https://nrenum.net/members/