rau nrenum In November 27, 2015, the ENUM Service for Academia website - NRENum.net - received a new member: RAU, the Uruguayan National Research and Education Network, that received the following message by e-mail “Welcome RAU, Uruguay to NRENum.net! Thank you very much for your cooperation and help and time! Country code +598 is now officially delegated to RAU, Uruguay!”


This achievement of RAU is also an achievement of the Work Package 4 of the MAGIC Project, that seeks the establishment og agreements for real time collaboration.

The NRENum.net Service is an end-user ENUM service run by the GÉANT Association (formerly TERENA) and participating NRENs (National Research and Education Networking organisations). The service is aimed primarily at academia.

What is ENUM? It’s a technology standard used to translate telephone numbers into URL addresses (a domain name). As a result of work of the Internet Engineering Task Force's (IETF's) Telephone Number Mapping working group. ENUM is used to build dialling infrastructure for VoIP, and Videoconference networks at global scale.