warcen banner 1170x435Together with TANDEM and Sci-GaIA, the MAGIC project will once again participate in WACREN, the conference that brings together the Western and Central Africa Research and Education Networks. The event itself will take place on March 30-31 2017 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and will be organized by RITER.

The joint presentation of MAGIC / TANDEM / Sci-GaIA will be held on March 28, inside WACREN’s week of activities (that begins on March 27), under the title "Welcome remarks and Overview of Achievements from H2020 Projects". MAGIC will be represented by Tania Altamirano, community manager of RedCLARA.

This is not the first time that the three projects have come together to promote intercontinental collaboration and to foster the development of global research infrastructures. Joint sessions of the initiatives were also carried out in ICT2015, TNC16, UbuntuNet Connect 2016 and WACREN2016. Now in WACREN2017, whose main theme is "Catalyzing the quality of higher education and research", the trio will once again share the development and operation of e-Infrastructures in different regions of the world, stimulating discussions on the benefits of creating World-class digital research structures.

TANDEM (TransAfrican Network Development) aims at creating the favourable conditions for WACREN (West and Central African Research and Education Network), enabling the Regional REN to draw maximum benefit from the forthcoming AfricaConnect2 project and ensuring its integration into the global Research and Education networking community and its long-term sustainability.

Sci-GaIA (Energizing Scientific Endeavour through Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa) aims at producing clearly structured guides and educational documents that can be used to train and support representatives of NRENs. Communities of Practice (CoPs), and, importantly, to get universities to develop Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa.

MAGIC (Middleware for collaborative Applications and Global Virtual Communities) aims at establishing a set of agreements for participating world regions to consolidate/complete middleware for a marketplace of services and real-time applications to benefit global science communities.

All details regarding the conference, its agenda, registration, accommodation and visas are available at this page: http://www.wacren.net/en/news/wacren-2017-conference-catalyzing-quality-higher-education-and-research