RedCEDIA is part of NRENum.netIn July 24, 2015, the ENUM Service for Academia website - - recieved a new member with the following post in its home: “Welcome Ecuador (+593) to! RedCEDIA, the national research and ecucation network of Ecuador, looks after the 37th country code that has been delegated to” This achievement of CEDIA is also an achievement of the Work Package 4 of the MAGIC Project, that seeks the establishment og agreements for real time collaboration.

What is The Service is an end-user ENUM service run by the GÉANT Association (formerly TERENA) and participating NRENs (National Research and Education Networking organisations). The service is aimed primarily at academia.

What is ENUM? It’s a technology standard used to translate telephone numbers into URL addresses (a domain name). As a result of work of the Internet Engineering Task Force's (IETF's) Telephone Number Mapping working group. ENUM is used to build dialling infrastructure for VoIP, and Videoconference networks at global scale.