EtheRNETIn November 18th, 2015, EtheRNET, the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Ethiopia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with MAGIC and through it became the newest member of the project.

The document was signed by the Ethiopian State Minister of Ministry of Education, Kaba Urgessa Dinssa, and the MAGIC project Director, Florencio Utreras, and commits MAGIC and EtheRNET to work together in order to achieve their goals and express their common interest in coordinating their activities where there is mutual benefit in order to obtain the maximum synergistic effect.

The Ethiopian NREN has more than 100 member institutions and it is interested in participating in the following project’s work packages: 

  • WP2 (platform for mobility )
  • WP3 (cloud provisioning and groupware standards)
  • WP4 (agreement on real time collaboration)
  • WP5 (global science communities)

For more information about EtheRNET, please visit: