new-carousel-ict2015-500x254px 8555The event is organized by the European Commission and expects to receive about five thousand participants in the three days of its completion. MAGIC, the global collaboration project led by RedCLARA, will share a stand and conduct a "Networking Session" with TANDEM and SciGaIA projects, all co-financed by the program Horizon2020 of the European Commission


Between October 20 to 22, the city of Lisbon, in Portugal, will be the European Capital of ICT. Organised by the European Commission in partnership with the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), ICT15 (Innovate, Connect, Transform) expects to receive about five thousand participants, who will know the latest developments in ICT in the region and attend talks with important names of the area like Mike Butcher, editor of TechCrunch, Nuno Sebastião, founder of Feedzai, Carlos Espinal, Seedcamp partner and Ragnar Sass, founder of Pipedrive.

ICT2015 will also has networking sessions to promote the creation of European consortiums in the sector, exhibitions of successful projects and activities for the general public.

Under the name of GIIISC (Global ICT Infrastructures for International Scientific Collaboration), MAGIC, TANDEM and SciGaIA will share a stand to promote collaboration and expose the three projects benefits among the attendees of the International Village at ICT2015. What will these three projects show within the common space?:

Sci-GaIA will demonstrate how African scientists can use Science Gateways, access remote data and promote access to their open data and how NRENs can set up secure access to international research e-Infrastructures.

TANDEM will give concrete scientific examples in the field of tele-detection.

MAGIC will show the use of applications running on its collaborative platform, demonstrating how these real time services foster and promote scientific collaboration between international research groups.

Aiming to promote the cross border collaboration and discuss about the development, deployment and operation of research e-Infrastructures in different regions of the world, the three projects will also carry out a network session that will be conducted as an open forum in order to share ideas, experiences, best practices and challenges around e-infrastructures related topics. Entitled as “Towards global research e-Infrastructures for 2020 and beyond” .the discussions of the forum will focus on: e-Infrastructure policy development and international cooperation, the importance of promoting connectivity, global e-Infrastructure services and of identifying applications tailored to specific communities and regions, the importance of establishing agreements for Europe and other World Regions aiming at creating a marketplace of services and real-time applications for international and intercontinental research groups.

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