TNC16 - Prague“MAGIC + Sci-GaIA + TANDEM: Towards Sustainable e-Infrastructures Around the World” is the name of the session that during june 14 will carried out the three complementary EC-funded projects during TNC16 Conference in Prague.

The session will start with brief introductions of three sister projects which aim to improve e-infrastructures them for researchers in different world regions, MAGIC, Sci-GaIA and TANDEM. The introductions will be made using short presentations (one per project) and will show how the projects are fostering and empowering scientific collaboration around the world.

The introductions will be followed by a joint session in which the three projects will showcase real examples of the benefits that they are already giving to science and research communities.

Finally, there will be a slot of 20 minutes for questions and answers, in which the audience will be invited to make questions about the projects and how the projects interact, and also to express ideas in terms of what is still required and/or missing in order to better foster and enhance global collaboration.

Come and join us! We will be waiting for you @ TNC16.