eHealth Grand RoundsThe Global Science Communities team of the MAGIC project intends to host virtual "Grand Rounds" in the month of September 2016, and is therefore requesting persons/organisations from across the globe to indicate their interest in presenting. Teams are encouraged to collaborate.

Deadline for Submissions - July 22,2016

The objective of the four initial eHealth Grand Rounds (similar to a medical specialist panel, presenting cases) is to share global initiatives within the themes of:

  • eHealth (Health informatics, Telemedicine and Telehealth)
  • Cardiology
  • Standards for Telemedicine and Health Informatics
  • Child and Adolescent Health

Presentations highlighting new or unique experiences, procedures, results, resources, research etc. are encouraged.

Presenters: Presenters will be professionals or specialists engaged in one of the above mentioned fields; at maximum 4 presenters per presentation.

Language: The sessions will be conducted in English

Expected Audience: National, regional and international health organizations, teaching institutions, health communities and specialists, online health-related communities, Global Science Community (GSC) participants; regional R&E Networks (RENs) and National R&E Networks (NRENs);and others identified by existing and new regions.

September, 6th - eHealth (Health informatics, Telemedicine and Telehealth)
September, 13th - Cardiology
September, 20th - Standards for Telemedicine and Health Informatics
September, 27th - Child and Adolescent Health

For more information on submission criteria, technical requirements etc., please visit: